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Finding a New Home When Moving Cross Country

Moving your home is a hard enough issue when you are only moving across town. Finding a new home when moving cross country adds a whole new dimension to the move. If you have the time and the funds, consider traveling to the new state and spend some time exploring the area and looking for a home before you actually move. A plethora of websites are available now to find places that suit you, whether they are listed by a realtor or by the owner, and whether you're looking to buy or rent.

You may want to rely on a real estate agent. Agents do a great job of finding places that suit what you're looking for. You can engage a realtor from your current home and have them select possibilities, and even check them out on your behalf. But if you do use an agent, you should still plan to go out ahead of your move to see the home before going through with renting or purchasing it.

If you can't manage a trip before the big moving day, you can still use an agent and simply stay at a hotel for a few days to see their selections. While your possessions are being moved you can work on finding a new home when moving cross country. Spend some time in hotels and go out with realtors during the day looking at houses. This will let you see the new city, and learn how to get around in it. You can even go out house hunting yourself, driving around areas you like and seeing what is for sale.

Don't rush the process, it's best to take your time and do it right. So unless you happen upon the perfect home, consider finding a short term rental in an extended stay hotel or a month-to-month apartment. Since it isn’t for a long term, it won’t be that important to have it be everything you want in your home. This will give you the time needed to look around. You may find out you want to live in the next town over. Until you have actually spent time in the area, there is no way to say for certain where you want to live.

If you haven’t found your new home by the time the moving company gets there with your possessions, you can have your things put into storage. You don’t want to buy a house just to get it over with. Hopefully you will be spending many years in the new place, make sure you get what you need and want.

Staying organized throughout the process is key, so get a good notebook or keep notes on your computer of all the places you're considering and what places you've seen. As far as your stuff goes, keeping it organized will make everything must smoother. Obviously that's where the Moving Day iPhone app comes in - it let's you catalog all your stuff when you pack it, and know what's damaged along the way.

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