Moving Day

Packing Tips - Making Your Move Easier

Everyone gets excited about moving to a new home. No one, however, gets excited about the actual move. It's stressful, hectic, and a lot of work to get everything packed up. Things always seem to start out nice and orderly, then end up in mass chaos with things just tossed in boxes and bags to get it done. When you get to your new home you will be tired, and there will be things you will want to be able to find quickly. If you take the time to follow a few packing tips, your move will be easier, and your possessions kept safe.

Start Early, and Plan Ahead!

One of the best packing tips to adhere to, if at all possible, is to start early and plan ahead. Pack things that aren’t being used, or won’t be used for a while, first. If it is summertime, pack up all your winter gear, or vice versa. Take down decorations off the walls and any knick knacks; pack those next. If you have a lot of books, they can be packed next. Pack games or toys, again leaving out a few till the last few days especially if you have kids or need to relax with friends. Clothes, kitchen utensils and electronics can be the last things packed.

Keep Like Items Together

If you don’t put glass-type breakables in with heavy items you can avoid breaking your possessions. The heavy, iron doorstop that looks like a puppy may sit on the ground below your great grandmother’s crystal vase, but they don’t get packed in the same box. Try to keep all the parts of an item in the same box. Then in your new home you won't be scrambling for those missing screws or power cables for the X-Box!

Get Plenty of Materials

Make sure to get plenty of boxes and paper. Use old newspapers. Place newspapers on the bottoms of the boxes for cushioning before starting to fill them. Wrap each thing separately. It is best to use two pieces of paper, wrap one around vertically and the other horizontally. Make moving easier by not overloading the boxes.

If you get plenty of boxes you won't feel the need to cram as much stuff into any given box. Try to keep them all less than 40 or 50 pounds.

Stay Organized

It's also a good idea to keep an inventory of what's in each box. Also, write the name of the room the box should be delivered to. The movers may not necessarily drop it off there, but at least you'll know something should go without opening everything up. The “Moving Day” iPhone app helps make all of this simple - it even helps you make labels for your boxes!

If you follow these simple packing tips your move will go much smoother; not only the physical aspect, but the emotional part too. As an added benefit, they will make your unpacking and setting up your new home easier too.

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