Moving Day

Tips for Packing Your Own Moving Truck

If you have decided to move yourself without a moving company, the first step is to get a big enough truck. You'll want to minimize the number of trips you have to make, or if you're going cross-country, you can only make one! Moving truck companies will tell you that a 26’ truck will hold everything from a 4 bedroom house, but you'll still need to pack carefully.

Packing the moving truck is a lot like Tetris. If your truck has a shelf up front over the cab, pack that with your fragile stuff first. Pack the boxes in tightly so they won’t have room to move around. You can finish the shelf off by stuffing bags of pillows or clothes around the boxes.

The next items you will want to load when packing the moving truck is the big furniture. Use blankets around each piece to keep the items from rubbing against each other. Load them in upright. If a piece has a door on it, try and secure the door closed with a piece of rope or a bungee cord. If you take the drawers out of a dresser to move it, put them back in. Keeping your furniture self-contained will prevent it from breaking. Use mattresses as more cushioning between pieces.

Now it's time for the boxes. When packing the moving truck you can slide boxes under tables, on shelves and put them on chairs and sofas if there is room. Stack heavier boxes on the bottom, with lighter boxes as you go up. When done right, you can stack them all the way up to the ceiling. Use rope attached to the rails and tie-downs inside the truck to keep stuff securely in place.

If at all possible try and stack boxes that are going to the same room in the same area. That will make unloading easier. If you don’t stack the boxes to the top of the truck, you can fill in the area with bags of clothes.

The important thing about packing the moving truck is making sure things are not going to shift around too much during the drive. Bags of clothes can be stuffed in empty areas. Use rope or bungee cords if there is a big gap between your boxes and the back door of the truck. The tighter you can fit the boxes, the less chance of them sliding around. A well packed moving truck makes unloading easier.

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