Moving Day

Staying Organized While Moving

Most people get more than a bit stressed out and emotional when it comes time to move from their home. Staying organized is not only important to keep the stress level at a minimum; it will also make the whole process, even the unpacking, much easier. The first step is to start early. As soon as you know that you will be moving start making plans. Arrange for a change of service address with all your utility companies. Have them start at your new home the day before you plan on moving in, and stopped at your old home a few days after you have left.

Pack up things you won’t be using. A lot of things may already be packed. Camping gear, Christmas decorations and such may just need to be labeled or perhaps packed a bit better. Staying organized means to take your time; go through your clothes and get rid of those you will no longer be wearing. Get rid of old papers, toss out broken things and things that are missing pieces. Go through a room at a time, being sure to label each box with the destination room and a short description of what is in it. (This, by the way, is the kind of thing the "Moving Day" iPhone app was designed for.)

Stack boxes neatly along the walls of the room. This will also keep things organized when unpacking the truck and moving things into the new house. Staying organized will keep essential items where you know where they are. The last row of boxes in the truck, and the first to come out, should be the things that you will need at first. You don’t want to be searching through stacks of boxes in the living room for the silverware to eat dinner that first night.

Depending on how many boxes you have, you may be able to move a room, boxes and furniture, into one section of the truck, then another room in another section. Staying organized this way will allow older children to have their rooms moved all at once, and they can begin their unpacking. You may want to move all the furniture at once, unload and place it, and then move the boxes. This way you can put the boxes near the furniture the contents will belong on. You should have one box of essentials for each room. Put those away first, and move on from there.

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