Moving Day

How to Choose a Moving Company

There are few people in the world that actually like to move. It is physically tiring, emotionally exhausting, and mentally stressful. Having outside help can make the whole ordeal easier. Selecting a moving company is a very important decision. Everyone has heard the horror stories of broken and lost possessions. Having your property end up at your new home with no damage is the main goal. Talk to friends, relatives, and real estate agents to get recommendations on movers. This will make up the list of your choices.

Before you begin selecting a moving company from your choices, make up two lists. The first list is for what you want the movers to do. Many companies offer different services than just putting your belongings in a truck and driving to your new home. Do you want them to do the packing? Some companies will not guarantee the safe arrival of things you pack yourself unless it was obviously their fault. Decide on what happens at the new house. Will the movers just put everything in the front room or garage, or will they move things to the proper room?

The second list will be questions you want to discuss with the moving company. Ask if they have a discount for weekday or middle of the month moves. Find out how many people will be assigned to your move. Be prepared to tell them how many rooms you will be moving, and if you have any items that require special handling, like a piano. When selecting a moving company be prepared to ask them if they belong to any moving company associations, and then talk to the association about them.

Once you have only a few companies on your list ask them for quotes. Go over the quotes and make sure you are looking at equal services. If the price is based on weight, ask for a "Not-to-Exceed" binding estimate, or else you could pay a lot more. Selecting a moving company isn’t always about the lowest price. One company may give a quote a bit higher than another, but also offer more insurance, or an added service for the higher amount.

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