Moving Day

Things to Do After You Move – Making a New House Home

Moving is probably one of the most stressful things we go through in life. The stress doesn’t end when the moving van pulls away from the new house either. There are things to do in your new home that can lower some of the stress and make the new house more like home. If you are able, it is a good idea to spend some time at the new place cleaning and planning before the moving van shows up with your stuff. Cleaning the house while it is still empty is easy, and it will give you time to find all the dirt and dust hidey places.

Things to do in your new home before you actually start unpacking can include putting up blinds or curtains in the windows. This will give your family a sense of privacy in a new place. It is also nice to take a break from the moving and take a walk around the neighborhood. If any of your new neighbors are out introduce yourself. You may get a feel for any kids in the area, and how old they are. Find out where the nearest convenience store is and walk to the school.

Contact the local utilities, cable or satellite companies, internet providers and other local services to set up your new connections. White Fence is an online provider that helps you find the best deals and get your new home all set up with the services you need, that way when you arrive, you know the lights will work!

Once the moving truck shows up you'll want to keep track of your things to ensure everything's there and undamaged. Inspect your belongings as you take them off the truck. If movers are doing that, inspect your stuff as it is put down. Now is the time to note if anything has been damaged. The "Moving Day" iPhone app was designed to make this simple and even record pictures of damage right on your iPhone or iPod touch.

One of the most important things to do in your new home, to make it really feel like home, is to set up the beds. Don’t set up sleeping bags and think it is a fun idea, save that for after everyone has become comfortable in the new place. Use favorite blankets on the beds. Be sure to find any bed time toys. Leave on the hall light for anyone that gets up in the night. The more routine you can follow, the better everyone will feel. If at all possible eat at the table, a real meal, that first night.

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